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Get to Ogliastra by car

The area

From Alghero
Alghero looks onto Sardinia's northwest coast, with its airport, and is about 230 km or 3 hours' drive from Ogliastra. Leaving Alghero, we follow signs for Sassari; when you're on the outskirts of the city, but without going through it, continue for Macomer. Passing Macomer, follow signs for Nuoro. From Nuoro follow indications for Mamoiada, to join the superstrada, following it towards Arbatax. You pass on the left the towns of Mamoiada and Villanova Strisaili, proceeding for about 70 km. At the end of the superstrada, turn left for Villagrande Strisaili. You follow the bypass, without going into the town, and continue towards Tortolì, from where you can reach the other coastal towns.

From Olbia
Olbia, on the north-east coast and with its port and airport, is a common arrival point. There are two possible roads to take to Ogliastra. One is scenic and pretty but very windy, and takes about 3 hours. The second, faster because almost all superstrada, takes about 2 hours. For the faster route, follow signs for Nuoro 4 corsie heading south from Olbia. Passing Nuoro, follow signs for Mamoiada and Arbatax to pick up the strada a scorrimento veloce (SSV). A few km after the Nuoro turnoff we see the town of Mamoiada on the left. You continue on the scorrimento veloce following signs for Arbatax. After about 60 km we pass the town of Villanova Strisaili on the left and we come to a junction. If you go straight on you come to Lanusei. If you turn left, following signs for Villagrande. Strisaili, you arrive in Tortolì.For the scenic route, leaving Olbia we follow signs for San Teodoro and take the SS 125. You go through Budoni, Posada, Siniscola and then Orosei. Here you leave the coast and arrive in Dorgali. You continue on the Orientale Sarda after Dorgali, on a windy road from which you enjoy a fantastic view down onto the wild countryside on the right: the Gola di Gorropu, Europe's deepest gorge. You then reach Genna ( meaning pass) Silana and afterwards you either follow signs for Baunei (continuing on the SS125), to reach afterwards S. Maria Navarrese and all the coastal towns. Or turn right to Urzulei, and then choosing whether to continue to Talana or go to Lotzorai and the coast.

From Cagliari
Cagliari, Sardinia's capital, is in the south of the island. The SS (Strada Statale) 125, also called Orientale Sarda, links it to Ogliastra, in about 2 hours by car. Leaving the city, you find yourself on the SS 554. We turn off at the junction for Quartucciu, to pick up the SS 125. We will continue following signs for Tortolì, Arbatax and then we will turn following the road 125 VAR (Tortolì Arbatax). Proceeding on the same road you reach Tortolì, Ogliastra's biggest town. Here we find signs for all the nearby towns, such as Arbatax, Girasole, Lotzorai and S. Maria Navarrese, all on the coast.

From Porto Torres
Porto Torres with its port is on the north coast of the island, 250 km or 3 hours by car from Ogliastra. From Porto Torres follow signs for Sassari. When outside the town, continue for Macomer and then follow signs for Nuoro. Reaching Nuoro, follow signs for Mamoiada, taking the superstradaand following signs for Arbatax. You pass on your left Mamoiada and Villanova Strisaili, continuing for about 70 km. At the end of the superstrada, turn left for Villagrande Strisaili. You go round the town on a ring road and you proceed for Tortolì, from where you can reach all the other coastal towns.

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