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Festival of Pecorino Cheese - Tertenia


Tertenia 4 August "Festival of Pecorino cheese"
Tasting of Sardinian Pecorino Cheese, roasted mutton with Cannonau wine
Music, history and culture of Tertenia cheese
17.00 Debate about "Pecorino cheese, element of development"
18.30 Prize giving contest "The shepherd and the landscape"
19.00 Roma street - Opening of Pecorino Sardo itinerary and then in the old town centre
Tasting of Pecorino cheese. Along the itinerary there will be music, shows, photo and painter exhibitions, handicrafts and similar products.
Roasted on the spit, Cannonau Wine, sweets and bread of Tertenia
Musics with Launeddas of Andrea Contu and Nicolò Piroddi and in Roma street: exhibitions of handicraft and agroindustrial
23.00 Municipality square - Concert of Neoneli Tenores

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