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Wine festival - Jerzu


Saturday 4 August
21.30 P.M. - Jerzu - Winery Antichi Poderi
Ogliastra theatre: Gatti Mezzi in concert Wine Festival
22.45 P.M. Jerzu, Amphitheatre Piazza Europa
Ratapignata concert

Sunday 5 August
10:00 A.M. Opening of exhibitions:
10:30/15.30 The Antichi Poderi society organises guided visits to the winery, the panoramic tower, the laboratories and the point of sale
11.00 A.M. -Jerzu, Demurtas House
Books: Sardo sono di Giacomo Mameli con Paola Pilia
18:00 P.M. - Jerzu Nord, c/o carabinieri station
PARADE OF FOLK GROUPS, Sardinian masks, Jerzu horsemen, Middle Age flag wavers , tractors and traccas prepared to show the process of winemaking

h. 20:00 - Jerzu, Amphitheatre Piazza Europa
Exhibition of Folk and Ethnic groups
h. 21.30: - Jerzu, Antichi Poderi Winery
Cada Die Teatro with Tommaso Novi in: Marea, la vita in ogni pensiero.
h. 22.45: - Jerzu, Mereu square

Monday 6 August
h. 19.00 - Ulassai, Stazione dell'Arte
Ogliastra Teatro: Più veloce di un raglio; con Cada Die e Alchimia
h.21.30 - Ulassai, Stazione dell'Arte
Ogliastra Teatro: Olivetti with Laura Curino
h.23.30 - Ulassi, Stazione dell'Arte
Ogliastra Teatro: Lisciami…capire tutto in una notte
With Gatti Mezzi and Guascone Teatro
Tuesday 7 August
h.19.00 -Ulassai, Barigau Square
Ogliastra Teatro: Stop Making Sense with Rossolevante
h.21.30 - Ulassai, Stazione dell'Arte
Ogliastra Teatro: Radio Argo with Peppino Mazzotta
h.22.45 - Jerzu, Biblioteca Via Umberto
Concert: TAQB
Wednesday 8
h.17.00 - Jerzu, Sant'Antonio Wood
Ogliastra Teatro: Incipit about Pierpaolo Pasolini with Mauro Mou and Alessandro Lay
h.21.30 - Jerzu, Cantina Antichi Poderi
Ogliastra Teatro: Sparla con me con Dario Vergassola
h.22.45 - Jerzu, Piazza Mereu
Concert: Akua Naru
Thursday 9 August
h.17.00 - Jerzu, Sant'Antonio Wood
Ogliastra Teatro: Esito laboratorio di narrazione diretto da Laura Curino
h.19.00 - Jerzu, Cantina Antichi Poderi
Ogliastra Teatro: Gene mangia gene with Il Crogiuolo
h.21.30 - Jerzu, Cantina Antichi Poderi
Ogliastra Teatro: Sa die de cada die with Gavino Murgia and Cada Die Teatro
h.22.00 - Jerzu, Itinerant (departure from Concetta restaurant)
Marching Band: Large Steet Band
h.23.00 - Jerzu, Elementari Square
Concert: Balentia
Friday 10
P.M.. 16.30
Opening of point of sales for drinking cups
(6000 drinking cups will be handed out: there will be two itineraries: the blue itinerary and the red one. The point of sale in the red itinerary will be opened near the Concetta restaurant. The point o sale of blue itinerary will be near Racugno Room, in front of primary schools in the north of the village. It will be possible to choose only one itinerary, that are the same for wines and tastinf of local products.)
P.M. 18.00
Opening of wineshops
h. 18.10 - Jerzu, Itinerant (departure from Concetta restaurant)
Guney Africa
h. 18.30 - Jerzu, Itinerant departure from Concetta restaurant)
Large Street Band - Drag Queen - Jugglers and acrobats.
h. 20.30 - Jerzu, Mereu Square
Scott Mc Watt
h. 21.00 - Jerzu San Sebastiano church
Guney Africa
h. 21.00 - Jerzu, Manno square
Blues & Vains
h. 23.30 - Jerzu, Europa Square
h. 00.00 - Jerzu, Europa square
h. 00.30 - Jerzu, Mereu square
Dj set - (discodance sotto le stelle)
Green number: 800589035
(from 20 July - from 10.00 to 21.00)

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